Flowered by Howard

 Please enjoy this website. I hope it will give you a quick understanding of the basic principles to a successful gardening experience. I also hope it will awaken you to some ancient and new understanding about this majestic and mysterious expressions of life.  
Nature is not secretive but she is mysterious. Many of her mysteries still remain unveiled, and that too is very beautiful.

A normal annual flower garden will cost about $4.50 to $5 a square foot. A 100sf garden when cared for will produce a stunning English/French looking flower garden that your neighbors would think you spend thousands on.

We landscape with the same focus of health and growth for any plant we use. We are experts at dripping gardens in order to conserve water. We install complete irrigation systems. We are not contractors but garden artists.

We condition the soil with the proper amendments and food, taking into consideration the soil types, the sunlight and irrigation. Leaving you with healthy beauty and abundant flowers, colorful textures, varied heights and fragrances.

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